By Martin and Sean Simons, Partners
Wenex Technologies

Chamber of Commerce advertising and sponsorship continues to be one of the most used methods of promoting a company and their brands to other member businesses as well as the community. Whether businesses seek to build identities, generate leads, or spotlight business initiatives, Chambers help carry your message to member companies that represent many employees in their local business community.

Almost every Chamber event and program has sponsorship opportunities that fit various budgets designed to provide maximum exposure for your company. In addition, the Chamber also offers numerous cost effective advertising opportunities that allow you to send your marketing message directly to potential new customers including:

  •  Placing a display ad in the Chamber print and electronic newsletters.
  • Running a banner ad on the Chamber website.
  • Creating a Member-to-Member coupon on the Chamber website.
  • Enhancing your business listing in the Chamber’s Online and print Business Directory.

The Stoney Creek Chamber offers any number of ways to get your message out to its growing membership base and the business community throughout Stoney Creek and Hamilton area.

The Chamber Difference

  •  Chamber of commerce websites are frequently sought out when potential customers are looking for products and services in a local area. In fact, a 2007 study (by the Schapiro group) showed that when potential customers know that a small business is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 44% more likely to think favorably of it, and 63% are more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future. Chamber credibility is important and it positively enhances click through rates.
  • Chamber websites are best positioned to deliver the most cost effective targeted and qualified traffic because of brand name advantage and the collective power of member content. Online users tend seek this content more often than not.
  • Advertising plays an important role in a company’s overall marketing campaign and is effective in building brand awareness, gaining new clients and increasing overall visibility for a company.
  • The Chamber provides a number of effective, affordable online and print advertising opportunities targeting business decision-makers, consumers, tourists and other important audiences to ensure your marketing message always reaches its intended destination.
  • Since advertising is generally open to members only, the Chamber offers a variety of different opportunities that help get your business noticed within the Chamber community.

Companies that want to be recognized for being industry leaders and community partners welcome the benefits of association with important business events. If your company needs to have name recognition with high level professionals, executives, managers and other influential business decision-makers, then Chamber events and programs may be just the answer.