Cobalt Connects is a non-profit arts service organization based here in Hamilton.
We’ve been here since our inspection in 2004, and have played a vital role in
developing properties that attract and retain the creative sector.

Through funding from the Hamilton Community Foundation we’re conducting a
city-wide study on the physical space needs of the creative sector, and we
would love your assistance in reaching the for-profit portion of this sector.

This sector represents about 12,000 jobs in our community and it is essential that we ensure they remain competitive and that our community provides the services and spaces they need to succeed.

The creative sector includes:
-web and graphic design
-film, video and audio production
-creative retail (like art galleries, craft stores)
-festivals and events
-jewelry stores & makers
-live theatre
-live music venues

Join over 150 local artists, organizations and businesses who have complete the survey – we’d love a lot more.