Barthmann Denture Clinic is a family owned and run business that has been serving the Stoney Creek, Hamilton area for over 30 years. We are a service driven clinic that is dedicated to helping those who find themselves without some or all of their natural teeth.

It is true that dentures are durable especially with the modern acrylics used today, but they aren’t any more permanent than eye glasses. Just as the conditions of one’s eyes change as you age, so too do the conditions of your mouth and oral structures.

It is for this reason and for the fact that dentures wear down from chewing and brushing, that a visit to Barthmann Denture Clinic is as vital as an eye examination. At Barthmann Denture Clinic we also will do a complete oral assessment and oral cancer check.

Implant retained dentures are the preferred method of tooth replacement. The implant is a substitute for the natural tooth’s root and forms a foundation for a stable fitting appliance. Dental implants also can help preserve the bone, aiding in keeping the integrity of your facial structures.

Implant retained dentures are more stable and “real” feeling than most types of dentures. They are a proven restoration option with a long clinical history and excellent success rate.

At Barthmann Denture Clinic all aspects of denture care is available. New full and partial dentures, relines (both hard and soft), and repairs are offered. Free consultations are available to discuss oral care and treatment options. All insurance co-payments are accepted as well as ODSP.

Visit our new web site at to see our complete service details and call or visit us for a free consultation today.